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Sony PlayStation 4 Great Games


PlayStation 4 is an eighth generation video game console that is a significant upgrade from the PlayStation 3. The console has been developed as a platform for people to enjoy an increased capacity to perform and enjoy the video game experience without a hassle and with the right combination of graphics and presentation. With the improved DualShock4 controllers, the game experience has been heightened beyond the expectation and the thrill increased two fold. With the graphical memory massively increased in excess of double that of the PlayStation 3, the power to enjoy and the passion for the games is increased well above the general set up.

The increased system memory also makes sure that more games are made available with an ease of play that is next to none. Its slim nature and sleek representation makes for a presentable nature and an increased portability process. The PlayStation 4 boasts a lone-chip processor which houses an eight core AMD processor orientation. This is by far a greater set up which is sure to increase performance and create a fast response nature during the gaming process.

With the hard drive having a capacity of 500GB and the Random Access Memory at a rating of 8GB with a DDR5 specification, the graphic memory is aided and adequately supported to provide a clear and accurate representation of every inch of detail. This also massively increases the collective performance of the console to over ten times of that of its predecessor. This surely points to the fact that individuals are in for a cream of the crop treat once they access the video game console.

The Play Station 4 is simply brilliant when it comes to creating the perfect experience. Its performance as a network platform is amazing and it serves to make sure that people are able to connect and share the exciting and breathtaking moments with ease and with efficiency that is next to none. The digital optical output also proves to be the upside of the console since it enhances the resolution status.

Games confirmed under PlayStation 4

  • The amazing Spiderman 2

This game has been the wish of many individuals who have a passion for the character and for the adventure that comes with the same. Scheduled for release in May 2014, it is tuned to be the game that takes the headlines for all the right reasons. The capacity to enjoy the game is enhanced with the advancements and the development pattern that the game has taken to get in line with the console and the control measures.

  • Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag

An adventure packed game with a touch of classic and modern orientation, this game has been confirmed for the PlayStation 4 among massive applauds from the lovers and admirers alike. The game is a darling for all the thrill lovers and those hooked on combat that takes a past nature. With a storyline to protect, the game stands as the only platform where people can enjoy the living of a dream in the past ages and at the same time combine it with the new age orientation and manifestation.

  • Battlefield 4

This game is arguably at the top of the list for all action and adventure lovers. With the advancement in both graphic capacity and control set up, the game proves to be the major power of manifestation in terms of enjoying an adventure. Adventure filled games are gaining root in the gaming world and this can be attributed to the challenges and the quality nature of the experiences therein.

  • Basement crawl

A game tuned to keep individuals hooked to their screens, it is a welcome gift to all game lovers who will be users of the PlayStation 4. The game brings a whole new idea of thrill and action set up that is tuned to keep people on the edge and in the spirit to desire more of the same.

  • Call of Duty: Ghosts

A game with a difference, it makes up for a real life experience that is sure to satisfy the curiosity set up of any individual. An action game with a touch of reality, the game is a powerful mind enhancer and is totally focused on giving people a close relationship with their inner self. The game defines what a hero set up is all about and the challenges involved in rising to the same status.

  • The Dark Sorcerer

This is a game with a difference as it gives people the chance to venture into the different world of supernatural elements. With this aspect in mind, the game proves to be an acute ingredient in making sure that people get the rare style of operation in life. It brings people to the scope of life where they can relate with the outside and unbelievable world.

  • Dragon Age Inquisition

This is another game that is totally based on making people have a touch with a classic life of evolution. At Millennius, you can get this game and more and have the most amazing time of your life while maneuvering the stages and thrill of every step.

  • Drive Club

Racers can drool over this game at any given time and this is due to the ease of operation and the difficulty levels that are involved in the same. Racing is always an experience that is next to none and this is due to the hidden challenges and the acute level of precision that is needed in negotiating each and every obstacle. This game is cream of the crop to any individual who fancies racing on the big stage.

  • Dynasty Warriors 8 XL

This game is highly advanced for all action and combat lovers. It provides a natural yet advanced set up whereby people can have a field day taking lessons of combat and doing the same to good effect. Getting this game should be top of the list of all the individuals who have a good eye for quality and complete establishment of fun moments.

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Aug 11

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