Sex Toys Uses

Sex Toys Uses

You cannot deny that when it comes to sex, nothing can beat the real thing. However, you cannot refute the popularity of sex toys and the continuous introduction of new and better models to satisfy the growing demand. Adult toys can be integrated into the bedroom to enhance the couple’s sex life.

Many adult toys are available in the market, both online and in physical stores. While these toys are meant to pleasure the user, they can be harmful if not used correctly. Here is a guideline on the usage and care for sex toys.

The vibrator
It is probably the most popular Joujou Sex Toys. Most of its users are women; majority of who have admitted that curiosity was the main reason for their initial use. Although many prefer using it in private, it can also be enjoyed with a partner. For heterosexuals, vibrators can be useful when the guy climaxes too soon. Also, they can be incorporated into foreplay.

When sharing a vibrator, such as for lesbian couples, slip in a condom before putting it into your partner’s vagina. Use a new condom every time you give your partner to use. Remember to clean it properly before storage.

Vibrating ring
The vibrating ring is a new development in the sex toys world. It is slipped on the penis and over the condom. It has a small battery within the rubber casting, and it enhances pleasure for both partners. It extends the erection of a penis and enables women to have multiple orgasms. The good thing is that men can take part in the action too and that it can accommodate any penis size.

Dildos are other popular sex toys among women. They have the same shape size and texture of a real penis. They require more effort as compared to vibrators. Just as in the case of vibrators, it is important to use condoms for shared dildos. Even those using them to masturbate alone should consider using a condom unless they are completely sure that the storage place is free of germs and other irritants.

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